About Kyaw

Kyaw is a young person born in Myanmar, into a very highly ethnically diverse and triple-1%-minority family, which partially shaped their worldviews. By that, they mean a family of mixed Euro-Southeast Asians by ethnicity, cradle Catholics by faith/spiritual culture, and who in socioeconomic measures form a (still) tiny cadre of people. The family is based in Myanmar and are extremely lucky to enjoy global upper-middleclass comforts.

Among 90% of Sino-Tibetan Buddhist people are not still as socioeconomically comfortable as neighbours in towns in China or Thailand, mere metres from Burmese towns and villages.

Kyaw has lived in Aotearoa/New Zealand and in Australia for over 15 years. Kyaw has keen interests in social issues and international relations, in order to advance the interests of New Zealand and its people – both tangata whenua (native Māori people) and later arrivals. They speak a number of different languages, and therefore can appreciate the world in multiple perspectives. Kyaw is very committed to LGBTIQ issues. That is why they participated in this project.